Repertory policy

Taking into account our young artists, one of the main objectives of Opera Nova's repertoire policy will be to select operas suitable for the development of our artists.

Together with Mozart's works, the Italian "Belcanto" - Donizetti, Bellini and other authors of the era will be given special attention.

Opera Nova Bulgaria will create new stage forms in its program. It expands the circle of "traditional opera" in terms of new audiences, in symbiosis with contemporary aesthetic directions.

In our repertoire there will also be space for works of the Baroque - Purcell, Handel, Rameau, Telemann, Vivaldi and others.

The opera literature is very rich in forgotten works and authors, but of extraordinary value. We will "dig up" and rediscover such works.

Opera for the youngest as well as operetta and musical will also have a place in our program

We also aim to give a forum to Bulgarian composers. We would welcome works written especially for us.