The Mission of OPERA NOVA - Bulgaria

Opera Nova - Bulgaria is created on the initiative of a group of young music artists, graduates of the National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the purpose to enrich the musical life in Sofia and the country with stage and concert performances, that are not included in the repertoire line of music institutes and theaters.

One of main intents of Opera Nova Bulgaria is to establish its own artistical profile, along with the classic musical forms to create new ones, that have the contemporary sense of the young audience.

An important part of the Opera Nova Bulgaria mission is the studio work, that gives opportunities to many young musicians from Bulgaria and abroad to show and develop their skills in the modern professional framework.

The Opera Nova Bulgaria goal is to promote, encourage, educate and cultivate the sense and love of young people for musical-performing arts.

In the recent years we have witnessed the establishment of the Opera Nova Institution in a number of countries in Europe such as Russia, Poland, Hungary, Norway and others..

This new form becomes an important support and necessity for young artists who aspire to a future on the big stage

Bulgaria must adhere with the rhythm of contemporary European music culture and therefore all institutions, who ready to help in this direction are well greeted and wellcome.